March 23, 2011

In a Nutshell

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No matter how bad or sad things seem to me today. I do know this. It may not have been easy. It really wasn't all that hard either. I went to bed each night and said my same prayer, 'thank you Lord for getting me through another day. My take on religion is somewhat simple. I have always known that he was there looking out for me. I just know it as simple to me as looking up in the sky that someone is there listening.
My reading the bible has always been hard. I have listened to it as recording over and over. I am basically lazy as well as simple. I do not appear to be all that lazy, but I really am. I am doing something constantly, but not because I really want to I just do to do. Dread is there even if I appear to be working hard.
Reading I never really got it. Listening it is not so complicated as it seems. Getting to chruch is not one of my strong points either. When my girls were little I used to say the devil helped us get ready. It was so hard finding socks and tights. I was not the most organized mom. One Sunday it was so bad that I just held my own pretend church service at home.
Being thankful for what God has given us; knowing that he is out there. If you are good to other people, it really is simple. Keeping all of Gods commandments can be done simply just by being good to your fellow man. I am really even sort of confusing myself.
Let me start over. Ok, if you treat everyone the way God planned for us to life is easier. Don't cheat, take from, or do anyone wrong and you are almost there. Then be thankful for what you have been blessed with. I have always wanted to be more than I ever will. I have prayed over and over for things I have and will never ever have. No, really not just prayed, I have begged God. He must realize that what I do have is better than anything I was asking for.
I am not ugly. Well, I am not as pretty as I once was. God gave me that. He gives me another day every day. One day he won't, but that is the plan. He gave me enough mind to know how to manage, ok. I still have all my fingers and toes; I have not walked out in front of a bus. He gave me wonderful beautiful smart girls, that love me. He surrounded me with people that I could watch and gather knowledge from; thus he has kept me gathering a good life. Each day and each person I paid attention.

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