October 22, 2010

Coach Paul Bear Bryant Said It

Alabama Coach Bear Bryant Commemorative Framed Poster
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 *A few minutes ago, I had a hard time getting through the lobby because of all the people. After today, that won't be happening.
*A good, quick, small team can beat a big, slow team any time.
*Age has nothing to do with it. You can be out of touch at any age.
*All I know is, I don't want to stop coaching, and I don't want to stop winning, so we're gonna break the record unless die.                                                                                                        
  * All this BS about my name recruiting never meant much. I didn't recruit any studs. The ordinary ones played for me.
*At Alabama, our players don't win Heisman Trophies. Our teams win National Championships.
* Back 12 years ago, when Dr. Mathews was president here, we had a plan that when I got ready to quit, we'd bring a certain guy in and he'd take over that day and I'd leave. But as time wore on, I realized that wouldn't have been good at all.
*Be aware of "yes" men. Generally, they are losers.
*Surround yourself with winners. Never forget - people win.But it's still a coach's game. Make no mistake. You start at the top. If you don't have a good one at the top, you don't have a cut dog's chance. If you do, the rest falls into place.
*You have to have good assistants, and a lot of things, but first you have to have the chairman of the board.
*But there's one thing about quitters you have to guard against - they are contagious. If one boy goes, the chances are he'll take somebody with him, and you don't want that. So when they would start acting that way, I used to pack them up and get them out, or embarrass them, or do something to turn them around.
Cunningham did more for integration in Alabama in 60 minutes than Martin Luther King Jr.
*Don't ever give up on ability. Don't give up on a player who has it.
*Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half.
*Don't overwork your squad. If you're going to make a mistake, under-work them.
*Don't talk too much or too soon.
*Don't talk too much. Don't pop off. Don't talk after the game until you cool off.

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