September 17, 2010

More Flowers

Grandmother gave me my love of flowers; I know this for sure. She grew what bloomed the longest, with the least trouble. She dug her's up from friends, neighbors, family and maybe a sprout from a park. That is not stealing flowers. The keepers of the grounds would have cut them down anyway. Flags for sure are something that will not be missed if you get a root or two. After a couple of years you will have plenty for someone to pull up from your yard. Does anyone else besides me and my grandmother know what Flags are? She may have made this up, but that is what she called the Iris that we had. She did not really care for them, because they did not bloom long. She said the best thing about them and Jon-a-quills was that they made you know for sure winter was over. Jon-a-quill is another name she must have made up or heard from a generation before. That is what she called daffidils. All of us have heard them called buttercups; I never have heard anyone but Grandmother call them Jon-a-quills. I may not even be spelling it the right way; I don't think it matters how it is spelled since I think it was a word my grandmother invented.
I have however googled Touch-me-nots and what she called Touch-me-nots are actually a type of impatient.
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  She called them that because of the pod the seeds would pop out of when you touched them. I used to spend hours popping these seed sacks. The bed was right in front of the house. There was hours of entertainment for me in that one little spot of the yard. Not only did it have the flowers, with the wrong name there were lots and lots of grasshoppers to feed my cat, Tomatoes or Tomatos, whatever; that cat loved them. She loved the grasshoppers as much as I loved popping the seeds out of the impatiens. Does anyone around the Shoals Area have any seeds for these? I have not seen any of them in forever.

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