August 3, 2010

We Rode the Cows

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"We have Cows!" this was a quote in that tornado movie. I think of that often. It always makes me laugh a little. Why I think that to be so funny, must be because I have always loved cows. Milking, feeding, moving and even riding them. The meaning of cowboy, with us was really cowboy, we rode the cows not horses. We didn't have horses so we rode the cows. Are cows for the most part were gentle. Our bull was even named Ben. He just stood there while you sat on his back. All of our cows had facial expressions that I still remember today. I know what each of them looked like, same way if I seen an old friend, I would recognize what cow it was if I met it on the street. Cows are not so different as dogs or cats for pets. They each have personalities. Some are meaner than others and some are more gentle than others. The ground is just as hard when a cow throws you off as it is when a horse does. My brother remembers well I am sure the time I twisted Daisy's tail while he rode her. He was thrown off as she charged into another cow to knock him off. Worst of all the ground was frozen hard as a rock. That was one of those times I wanted to run and hide forever, because I knew I was going to get it bad, with his hard little fist. Not only was he on Daisy's back, but one of those mean boy cousins thrown off, too. Both of them were out to get me for the rest of the day. Still can't help but grin when I think of them flying off and over the cows head. 

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