August 12, 2010

Tomato or Tomatoe?

We canned lots of them when I was growing up. On such a large scale that we picked them in wash tubs. They were placed on the porch and we all sat around the red yummy tomatoes with sharp knives peeling from early morning to late evening. In a time when there were many other things to do I wish we had known what I now have learned. A tomato does not have to be peeled with a knife. Boiling water will loosen the skin for the quickest removal. Another step that can be skipped is the pressure cooker. The only thing the tomatoes have to be cooked before pouring into the jar.
Canning Tomatoes the Easy Way

  • Pour fresh ripe tomatoes into dish pan

  • Cover with cold water to wash

  • Core  the green stem area out in a cone shape

  • put in clean dish pan in other sink

  • Boil large pot of hot water, enough to cover cored clean tomatoes

  • pour boiling water over clean tomatoes

  • let them sit in hot water until the skin starts to come off

  • use knife to get tomatoes out of hot water into clean dish pan in other sink

  • pick tomatoes that you see the most skin off of first

  • when all of the tomatoes are in this dish pan they will be cool enough to touch

  • pick each tomato up with hand and just squeeze the tomato out of it's skin

  • putting them into a large pot to cook

  • start them out on high until boiling, then turn down to medium they should still be boiling slowly

  • stir often and if boiling stops turn back up

  • cook 45 minutes or more to make them for soups and stews

  • boil lids for jars as the tomatoes are almost stewed to your liking

  • pour tomatoes into quart jar

  • place lids on each jar as filled

  • Place filled jars in large pot

  • pour water into pot half way covering up the jars

  • boil filled jars for 20 to thirty minutes

  • take jars out of water and listen for the wonderful sound of popping as the jars seal

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