March 11, 2010


I always helped my grandmother put up vegetables for the winter. We put them in jars and sealed them. My grandmother was very saving. She had everything figured how to save the most. There were things we did not put up, because it was more expensive to buy the things that went in them. This is basic plain old fashion homecanning, from a canning queen.

*Green Beans are to be canned never frozen. The taste of a homecanned green bean is unbeatable. Home frozen green beans get freezer burn easily, even when tightly sealed.
Green Beans have to be pressured, but do not have to be cooked before placing in the jar.
One of the time saving things Grandmother learned with experience. This took a complete step away from the process.

Sting the beans and break them into small pieces.
Wash and wash in cold water.
Pack into quart size jars
Cover beans with water
Twist boiled rings and lids on jar
Seven jars per canner
Pressure at 15 for 30

Some canners old ones, jiggle noice is what you go by. When you hear the jiggle start that is when you start counting. Newer canners have the guage that will rise to 15. When the pressure guage is on 15 that is when to start the 30 minute count down.

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