April 1, 2011

Did You Ever Wonder?

American Pickers: The Complete Season Two
Second Season DVD
I wonder why that TLC thinks that having a house full of garbage is mental illness and American Pickers think that it is totally cool for some people to climb over their junk. Mike for sure gets off on these people that have buildings full of junk. Funny thing about The Pickers to me is they good fill that little white van up with stuff at one place and only pick a few broken things many times. Wouldn’t it be funny if the Pickers guest stared on a Hoarders episode? Some of the people that Mike and Frank run across are basically just organized Hoarders. The one difference is maybe that these people do throw away the empty pizza boxes. It really makes me realize how very unimportant stuff is. I see some of the stuff on there that makes Mike and Frank’s mouth water. Many of the things I see them pick I remember seeing as a child at neighbors houses. One of my best friends in high school lived in a house that could have been on hoarders. Another one of my best friends lived in a trailer that could have been on the show, also. In that day those were people we just called bad house keepers. Since then it has become a treatable mental condition. WTF, where did just plain lazy go to?
I remember seeing a glass pitcher that was at Ed Courm’s house when I was a little girl. It was the pattern that had the sweet pea blooms on it. Ed actually gave me that pitcher. I was tickled to get it as a twelve year old even if the base was broken off of it. Ed’s house was a hoarding house before hoarding was cool. There were dishes piled as high as they could stand. Ed’s house was the stopping spot for many of the chores we did on the farm. The cows were on the creek behind his house. The cane patch was the thirteen acres across the dirt road that ran in front of the old unpainted large house. The many tools he had been left by his dad were all over the porch. The inside still held all the things his mother had collected her whole life.

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